About Us

Our Vision

Planet Football was established in 2009, to develop and help children fulfil their dreams and realise their ambitions, by providing a structured platform. Our goal is to enhance players’ technical skills and game knowledge through high-quality coaching practices & sessions; using codes of practice outlined by the English FA & AFC, combined with our club philosophy. Our qualified coaches provide age and ability-specific sessions covering all aspects of the sport both on and off the field.

Football is a global sport that can unite people of all social backgrounds regardless of nationality as we all share the same passion for the sport. Here in Pattaya, we have one of the most diverse communities in the country, with parents and children coming from all over the world. We believe through football children get the chance to experience these different cultures, uniting them through a common bond.

At Planet Football we recognize the opportunity we have to mould and influence a child’s life through sport. We strive to continuously stimulate their passion, guiding them through the different phases of development, whilst providing support so they can progress at their own pace.

Our extensive in-house programs offer children of any ability level a chance to improve, with a clear progression route for those that wish to develop and go further for whom we try to create opportunities.

Our qualified coaches provide age and ability specific sessions covering all aspects of the sport both on and off the field

One of our primary beliefs is that over time we can nurture children in the hope they reach their full potential, whilst installing key life skills. Through positive actions and reinforcement we hope to improve confidence and self-belief which should impact them on and off the field.

To help us achieve our goals, Planet Football has invested heavily into providing the local community with the highest quality facilities, coaches and programs. Since our inception we have gained a reputation for being one the best in the region. Our aim is to improve and grow each year, providing more to our members and customers.

Club History

Our founder Martin Kinsella, established Planet Football in August 2009 as a sports facility for the local community. The idea came from seeing local children playing football in their bare feet on dangerous plots of land, as there were no recognised safe playing areas. Due to having two football-mad sons, the solution came easy to Martin. He invested his time and money in an idea that would help children to play sports in a safe and controlled environment and built Planet Football Stadium. 

His innovation in making the first artificial pitch stadium in Pattaya has made a huge difference to local football in the region, with over 50’000 children using the facilities since we opened.

With aspirations to do more for the community, Martin invested in a second larger facility in 2011 called FC Planet Stadium, which was the first artificial turf 11-a-side field in Chonburi.

Historical list of company events:

Aug 2009 – Planet Football 7-A-Side construction completed – Facility opened.
Sep 2009 – First coaching program introduced “Saturday Soccer School”
Jan 2010 – Second coaching program introduced “Academy Training – U12’s & U14’s – FC Planet Youth Academy was born”
Apr 2010 – First free children’s community football leagues start U12’s & U14’s
Apr 2011 – Construction started on 5-A-Side pitch & Multipurpose Sports-Hall.
May 2011 – Academy training incorporated U10’s & U16’s – New leagues created.
Dec 2011 – Construction of new facilities complete – known as ‘Planet Football Stadium’
Jan 2012 – Introduction of new program “Kiddy Kickers”
Jan 2012 – FC Nova was taken over to form FC Planet Men’s team – Academy renamed accordingly.
Feb 2012 – New Program added – First all-girls academy team (Under 18’s)

Sep 2012 – Academy training now covered age groups from U9’s to U17’s. Leagues for all age groups.
Jan 2013 – Reserves team added to academy coaching.
Apr 2014 – New coaching program introduced “Development Programme”
May 2014 – Construction started on new 11-A-Side pitch.
Dec 2015 – Stadium completed – Clubhouse, Home & Away Changing Rooms and all other amenities. New Stadium named ‘FC Planet Stadium’
Jan 2016 – Inaugural 9-A-Side league at FC Planet Stadium
Dec 2016 – New pitch laid at Planet Football Stadium – replacing old 7-A-Side pitch
Jan 2017 – Inaugural VIP (over35’s) Friday League, at Planet Football Stadium.
Apr 2018 – Men’s 6-A-Side League now split into 2 Divisions – Division 1 on Wednesday evening and Divisions 2 Thursday evenings.
Jan 20 – 10 Year Anniversary of FC Planet