Our community focus centres around the scholarship program and the various tournaments and coaching sessions we organise, for the children within our region, as a way of supporting local grassroots football. The main area of this community work is our dedicated scholarship program for gifted young Thai nationals who come from low-income households. To obtain either full or partial scholarship, there is a specific criterion that children must adhere to. The second area of our community work is through the events we organise, which provide these children with the opportunity to use our facilities at no charge, allowing them to learn and play in a safe environment. To increase the standard of local football, we run several competitive tournaments each month to give children as many football opportunities as possible. These events start from Under 7’s through to the years to Under 16’s.

Our coaching promotes the key aspects of what football and sport offer children; respect, discipline, focus, mental strength, physical fitness and cultural acceptance, plus many other attributes that will help them in adulthood. Our events allow local children from various walks of life to gain new friends, whilst interacting in a sport they all love.


The local community have embraced this philosophy ever since we started our first youth competitions back in 2010, with more and more youth teams springing up each year. Due to our success both on and off the field, we are now able to attract some of the more established and professional academies from surrounding regions to our tournaments, making them even more competitive. This has improved the standard of local grassroots football considerably and enhanced our reputation as one of the best-coached clubs in the country. On average each calendar year we have around 25 tournaments with around 5,000 children participating in competitive football. 

Due to the number of events we host, we also need constant support from local businesses and generous sponsors, who through their generosity help us to provide the facilities to the children for free, along with all the other costly aspects required for these tournaments. For those interested in helping the community through sponsorship, please contact our management team for more information. 


Planet Football organises and is involved in several charity events each year, which support regional children’s charities, including Father Ray’s Orphanage, Pattaya Orphanage, Hand-2-Hand Foundation, Baan Khun Boonchu Orphanage and The Haven Centre.

Each of these projects helps some of the most underprivileged children in the country, with some of them having severe learning difficulties and disabilities such as blindness, hearing impairment, autism and down syndrome. Unfortunately, in most cases, the children have been abandoned by their parents or families as they cannot or do not want to care for them. Thankfully we have these local charities who step in and take care of these children without hesitation and provide them with a home and education in a safe environment.

Through the generous support of companies over the last several years, these charities have been able to improve the living conditions of the children whilst some now offer separate dormitories, safe play areas, greenhouses & vegetable gardens, on-site schooling and clinics. These new facilities have given the children a better standard of living and new meaning and purpose in life.

With our support and the additional support of other organisations, these charities have been able to open their doors to more children who need their help. To continue supporting more children in the future, these organisations require constant support. Without the financial backing, some children won’t have the support they desperately require. We wouldn’t like this to happen, and this is why each year we run these events to support them in any way we can.

If you would like to support or donate to any of these causes, please contact us, as your help could provide them with the support to cover monthly basics; such as electrical or water bills and food for the children.