Planet Football Stadium

Planet Football is at the forefront of sports innovation and has two of the best facilities in the region. Both of our stadiums are based on the east side of Pattaya City. Our Planet FC stadium is just off Phon Prapha Nimit 34 Road, and the Planet Football Stadium is on Siam Country Club Road.

Both the main football pitches are made from the latest FIFA Grade artificial turf, which allows for football boots or astro turf boots to be worn, although no metal studs are allowed. These two pitches also have incorporated watering systems to keep the turf in perfect condition, regardless of the climate. The sports hall flooring is the latest in multi-purpose flooring solutions, which is FIFA & NBA grade certified. Marked on the floor are the standard measurements for both Futsal and Basketball. We have the correct size Futsal Goals, and NBA standard adjustable basketball hoops, which are suitable for both adults & children.

Away from the sports area at our Planet Football Stadium, we have a fully air-conditioned bar with wi-fi overlooking the 7-a-side pitch with three large HD-LED TVs to watch live sports. We also have three spectator areas from which you can watch the action happening inside the stadium, whilst soaking up the atmosphere. There are also three changing rooms with showers, plus two of each men’s and women’s restrooms.

Planet Football Stadium is our main headquarters. It has 3 main areas for recreational sports use, including a 7-A-Side football pitch, an enclosed 5-A-Side football pitch, and an excellent multi-purpose sports hall. All three areas contain scoreboards and high-quality lighting, so you play any time of day. We have a large LED multi-purpose scoreboard on the 7-A-Side pitch, a standard football scoreboard on the 5-A-Side pitch, and a dual-purpose basketball and Futsal scoreboard inside the sports hall.

7-A-Side Pitch
5-A-Side Pitch
Multi-Sports Hall

FC Planet Stadium

Our second and newest facility is called FC Planet Stadium and is situated on Soi 10, Phon Prapha Nimit 34 Road. It has been open since January 2016. This state-of-the-art 4G 11-a-Side pitch was built to the same dimensions as Manchester United’s Old Trafford pitch, which makes playing football on it an amazing experience.


To keep the pitch in the best condition we have 8 watering stations with connectable water cannons. For evening games when there is no natural light, we have six towers of LED floodlights so you continue playing. The pitch is available as 9-A-Side and 11-A-Side size fields, but it can also be used for 7-A-Side games. 


We have large Home & Away changing rooms with full amenities, as well as a referee room and a media room if required. We have a large clubhouse bar fully stocked with refreshments and snacks.


There will also be other additions coming to the stadium in the future, including a giant LED screen that will show live sports and will be useable for tournaments. Whilst we also plan to build; A gymnasium, VIP bar and restaurant, Club Office space, Inbuilt Stadium Seating with a roof, plus other yet confirmed amenities, which will make it one of the most impressive stadiums in the region.

9-A-Side & 11-A-Side Pitches

If you wish to book any of these facilities please contact us  on 095 995 7693  or  089 094 4205