Planet Football was established in August 2009 by its founder Mr Martin Kinsella as sports facility for the local community. The idea came from his frequent drives around Pattaya, where he would often see local Thai children playing football in their bare feet on dirt or sand pitches. Being a father of two football mad sons who were constantly breaking windows or ornaments in his garden. He decided to solve the problem by investing in an idea which would help children in the local community to play sports in a safe environment, whilst offering them the chance of self-improvement via various coaching programs. His innovation in making the first artificial football stadium in Pattaya has made a huge difference to local football and sport in the region. New pitches and clubs are constantly appearing in the city and in the surrounding regions each year. Although there is more competition for talented players it can only be good for local grassroots football, which is what we strive to improve.

Historical list of events:

  • Aug 2009 – Planet Football construction completed – Facility opened.
  • Jan 2010 – First coaching program introduced “Saturday Soccer School”
  • Apr 2010 – Second coaching program introduced “Academy Training – U12’s & U14’s”
  • Apr 2010 – First free children’s community football leagues start U12’s & U14’s
  • Apr 2011 – Construction started on new smaller pitch & sports hall.
  • May 2011 – Academy training incorporated U10’s & U16’s – New leagues created.
  • Dec 2011 – Pitch 2 & Sports construction completed
  • Jan 2012 – Introduction of new program “Kiddy Kickers”
  • Jan 2012 – FC Nova was taken over to form FC Planet Men’s team – Academy renamed accordingly.
  • Feb 2012 – New Program added – First all girls academy team (Under 18’s)
  • Sep 2012 – Academy training now covered age groups from U9’s to U17’s. Leagues for all age groups.
  • Jan 2013 – Reserves team added to academy coaching.
  • Apr 2014 – New coaching program introduced “Development Program”
  • May 2014 – Construction started on new 11-A-Side pitch.
  • Sep 2014 – New Soccer School session added to Wednesdays (5pm -7pm)
  • Jun 2015 – Completion of new 11-A-Side pitch, stadium still under construction.
  • Dec 2015 – Partial Stadium completed – Bar, Home & Away Changing Rooms, Referee & Media Rooms, Toilets, and external Jacuzzi
  • Jan 2016 – New open session added – Mini Kicks (ages 4-6 years) Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm
  • Mar 2016 – Temporary Stand added to new facility – Seating for around 400 people –
  • Aug 2016 – New all girls team added (11 to 15 years) Wednesday 5.00pm to 6.30pm
  • Sep 2016 – New U8’s team added to academy coaching & new facility named FC PlanetStadium
  • Dec 2016 – New pitch laid at Planet Football Stadium – replacing old 7-A-Side pitch


Planet Football has the best football facilities in Chonburi, with also an excellent multi-purpose sports hall. We currently have 2 locations in East Pattaya, the first is on Siam Cou ntry Club Road, and the second is only 5 minutes drive away on Soi 10, Phon Prapha Nimit 34 Road.

Our main headquarters is on Siam Country Club Road and is called PLANET FOOTBALL STADIUM. It has 3 main areas for recreational sport use, we have a 7-A-Side football pitch, an enclosed 5-A-Side football pitch and a multi-purpose sports hall which is currently used for sports such as Futsal, Basketball, Taekwondo, Floorball and Gymnastics. All 3 areas contain score boards and high-quality lighting so you play any time of day. We have a standard football scoreboard on pitch 2, a dual-purpose basketball and Futsal scoreboard on pitch 3 and a Giant LED multi-purpose scoreboard on pitch 1.






Both the main football pitches are made from the latest FIFA Grade artificial turf, which allows for football boots or astro-turf shoes to be worn, although no metal studs are allowed! These 2 pitches also have incorporated watering systems to keep the pitch in perfect condition, regardless of the climate. The sports hall flooring is the latest in multiple purpose flooring solutions and as such is FIFA & NBA grade certified. Clearly marked on the floor are the standard measurements for both Futsal and Basketball. We also have correctly sized Futsal Goals, and NBA standard adjustable hoops, which are suitable for both adult & children.

Away from the sports area’s we have a fully air-conditioned bar with 3 Large HD-LED TV’s to watch live sports on, plus FREE WIFI so that you can browse the web in comfort. We also have 3 spectators areas from which you can watch the action happening inside the stadium. There are also three changing rooms with showers, one for women and 2 for men, plus 2 men’s rest rooms and 2 women’s rest rooms.

Due to the high standard of service and the quality of the facilities, we are a popular location for various organized sporting events, corporate days and even birthday parties.

Our second and newest facility is called FC PLANET FOOTBALL STADIUM. and is situated on Soi 10, Phon Prapha Nimit 34 Road and has been open since January 2016. This state-of-the-art 4G 11-A-Side pitch was built to the exact same dimensions as Manchester United’s Old Trafford pitch, which makes playing football on it an amazing experience.

FC PLANET STADIUM: 9-A-Side & 11-A-Side Pitches

To keep the pitch in the best condition we have 8 watering stations with connectable water cannons, plus for night games we have 6 towers of LED flood lights so you continue to enjoy playing into the night. The Pitch is available as 9-A-Side and 11-A-Side size fields, but it can also be adjusted and marked out for 7-A-Side games or tournaments.

We have large Home & Away changing rooms with full amenities, as well as a referee room and media room if required. We have a large clubhouse bar fully stocked with refreshments and snacks, plus an external 12-man Jacuzzi for those who need to relax after a tough game.

There will also be other additions coming to the stadium in the future, including a Giant LED screen which will show live sports and will be useable for tournaments. We also plan to build; A Gymnasium, VIP bar and restaurant, Club Office space, Inbuilt Stadium Seating with roof, plus other yet confirmed amenities, which will make it one of the most impressive stadiums in the country.

If you wish to book any of these facilities please contact us on 038 248 212 or 089 094 4205