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Planet Football Academy offers the chance for elite and committed players to represent our club team, FC Planet, from an early age. FC Planet competes in local leagues weekly, as well as regional tournaments at different times of the year. 

We aim to provide players with the opportunity to develop as footballers with an advanced training program, in a safe environment. The academy offers young dedicated footballers a platform to show their potential in weekly matches and gain vital game experience. 

Not only do we try to improve ability, but also how these young footballers conduct themselves on the football pitch and in everyday life. As coaches, we must help instil life skills into every player that joins our club to give them every opportunity possible in reaching the height of their potential.

The academy program is an invite-only session with most players advancing through the soccer schools or development program. The current training schedule for each group is three-weekday sessions between 5pm & 7 pm. If you would like to undergo a trial for the academy, please contact the club’s head coach.