External Coaching

What Can We Offer

As well as our in-house programs, we also offer external coaching away from Planet Football Stadiums.

We offer the following activities and coaching programs;

  • CCA/ After-school Football Sessions
  • School Football Teams

Depending on the program, our coaching sessions are structured differently, but our coaching philosophy and values remain the same as always. Our main focus points for children in our football sessions are safety, enjoyment and development.

For external coaching, we offer memberships, where you receive our open-session kit, which is changed every year. You also receive a free voucher for one session. We encourage children to participate in football outside of school to benefit in a number of ways, as well as to try as many sports as they can.

Attending our open sessions, you’ll be able to see what progression in football is possible and what other activities are available at Planet Football, and what we are able to offer.

Current Schools

The current schools we coach in have been reaping the benefits for a number of years now. The children that have experienced sessions from our Planet Football coaches, have been enjoying our sessions, developing, improving their football skills and knowledge, as well as joining other programs and activities that we offer.