Planet Football offers several programs (Open Sessions) aimed at all age groups from 4-15 year olds, both boys & girls. These programs are currently run twice a week Thursday and Saturday, and are aimed at children who enjoy football and want to improve their basic and core abilities. Thursday sessions start from 4pm and Saturday sessions from 9am and are spread across both facilities, to deal with the large numbers attending.
There are four specific programs, Mini Kicks, Kiddy Kickers, Soccer School and Girls Only, all with the emphasis on self-improvement.

*Mini Kicks is for young children aged 4-6 years. (link to page)
*Kiddy Kickers is for children aged 7-10 Years. (link to page)
*Soccer School is for children aged 11-15 years. (link to page)
*Girls Only is for girls aged 12-16 years. (link to page)

To enrol in any of these programs all you need to do is either download the PDF (see link at bottom of page) and complete the form and bring with you on your first session, or ask for one of the Planet Football Booklets available at both stadium clubhouses and complete the form, found at the back. Once this is done your pay your one off membership fee, which is currently 1’000 thb.